Leadership and Dictatorship: "Lord of the Flies"

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"The Lord of the Flies", by William Golding, tells about a group of kids that are stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. As they try to build a civilization on their new uninhabited island, things slowly start to deteriorate. Soon the boys become detached from any kinda of civilized reality and convert into primitive beings, all except for few. Although they might be on an uncivilized island, having someone with the proper traits of a leader might be able to save them.

Since he was brought up in a society that looked up to those who stood for justice and upheld rules, Ralph, the main character in Lord of the Flies, has the attributes of a true leader; one who takes charge, shows intelligence, and leads a democracy. Early on in the book, Ralph suggests the idea of someone being “the chief” of the group, they then proceed to have an election between Ralph and Jack, and Ralph wins.

Knowing how old these kids are Ralph decides to make the voting process like a game, which is smart because none of those kids would vote for a person who they thought was going to make them work. As his first decision as chief, Ralph tells Jack that he can full control over the choir, which is wise of him to do because he needs to keep Jack as an ally. In addition, Ralph comes up with the ingenious idea of building a signal fire so if any passing ships or planes can see them. Without the signal fire they might never be found and will end up tearing each other limb from limb. Ralph also is hoping by starting this fire they'll be noticed by the navy and be rescued by his dad, a...