Leading Culture Change at Seagram

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As people know Seagram, which is a diversified enterprise that succeeded in four global business segments: music, filmed entertainment, recreation, spirits and wines. Notwithstanding it have high reputation in that area; there still exist some potential pitfalls to retard the company's development. However, Edgar Bronfman who is the president and CEO of Seagram brought some new values and made them to play an increasingly central role in the company. Eventually, operating these new values have effected on the direction of Seagram's expansion.

Through the whole process of changing, the new values are expressed in several ways. Most conspicuously, the goals will be focused on growth; it will be fast and flexible and customer and consumer oriented. For the company's aims, Edgar Bronfman emphasis on business process, reduce costs and identify future growth opportunities. These processes need the changes from employees, employers behaved and interacted with each other. From this point, people are easily found that Edgar Bronfman began his plans from the fundamental and the important parts of the internal change.

Then, Edgar Bronfman made certain objectives, like innovation, integrity, teamwork etc. These tactics had given a clear aims to all the employees at that time and good for the leaders unionize the entire company's targets. Next, Edgar Bronfman indicated some obstacles which are need to overcome. There are,"Increase flexibility, Increase volume, Protect profits, Reconsider pricing and enforcement models and exit non-core businesses." (1) In essence, all of plans are in order to survive this transitional period of the company. Moreover, Seagram has focused on the proactive and innovative information technology, and it stresses on analyzing given problems and developing timely solutions. Also, at the same time, Seagram has become to extend their markets to Asia and Europe.(2) Besides, Seagram has been recognized that maximize employee potential in and out...