The League of Nations study notes which has a lot of info on the League and answers questions about it: why it was set up, the structure of the league and more.

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The League of Nations

The structure

The league was based on a covenant, a set of 26 articles or rules which all members of the league agreed to follow.

The home of the League of Nations was in Geneva in Switzerland.

The league was mainly based around four main aims which would bring around peace and improved people's lives.

What effect did the USA not being part have on the league?

The USA not joining the league had a serious effect, because the US was a big super power, without them the league would not be as powerful.

Many other countries looked up to America and they thought if they weren't to join it isn't going to be as strong or taken seriously so many countries might not have joined because of this.

The US had a lot of financial resources and the league would of benefited with this if they would of joined; also without them the league lacked 'muscle' to enforce decisions as they were seen as being very powerful.

America had a big army and because they never joined the League now lacked a big, strong one, and as the US had a huge market for raw materials, this was seen as another blow to the league.

If the USA would have joined the league might not have failed as it had.

Main aims of the League of Nations

The main aims of the league were:

*To discourage aggression from any nation

*To encourage countries to cooperate in business and trade

*To encourage nations to disarm

*To improve the living and working conditions of people in all parts of the world.

Border disputes

The league had to deal with several border disputes and was successful in doing so.

For example:


When Greek troops invaded Bulgaria, Bulgaria...