Learning to use a concept memory map as a mnemonic

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The word “mnemonic” comes from the Greek mnemonikós, which refers to the mind. Mnemonics are techniques for remembering information that is otherwise quite difficult to recall. The idea behind using mnemonics, is to encode difficult to remember information in a way that is much easier to remember. There are many forms of mnemonics, but for me, I learned that using a concept memory map was the best form of mnemonic to use if I wanted to reallyremember something, for example, studying for an up coming exam. Using a concept memory map is the best way to study because it helps me see the overall structure of the topic, and show the associations between different pieces of information.

I first started out by writing the main subject or idea in the middle of the paper, then steamed out from there, by grouping main topics and sub-topics together.

Other sub-topics and facts can branch off these, like branches and twigs from the trunk of a tree. I think by doing this, one can engage much more of their brain in the process of assimilating and connecting facts. The different groupings can be coded in a way that is easy to remember, like using different colors or shapes. This is a key factor, because it gives the cues needed to make the concept memory map very easy to review, which lets me refresh information in my mind just by glancing at one.

When I used this mnemonic for an upcoming exam, sure enough, I passed with flying colors. As I continue to move on through my college education, I am now going to apply this mnemonic to any exam I have to study for, and pass this great technique along to others.

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