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April Thurman

IvyTech 120-285

September, 17, 2014

My Legacy

In these past 35 years, I have learned so many of life lessons. Although, I'm still young and still working on being a better person; the experiences I have lived through have definitely helped to shape me into the person I am today. Some of my most prized life lessons are having learned compassion, patience, and lending a helping hand.

One of the most important lessons I absorbed was to have compassion. My twin sister is a quadriplegic, and from a young age I was surrounded by people with mental and physical handicaps. It took me over a decade to understand her disability; I've always made a point of being extra patient and especially kind to people like her. Throughout my life I have seen other people completely ignorant to those that are different: bully, make fun of and put down people with handicaps.

Since they weren't exposed to it as I was… I give them patience as well and feel blessed that my sister was able to teach me such a valuable life lesson.

My childhood dream was to be a dancer. I started dancing at the age of two. I found it fun and enjoyable. My mother enrolled me into a dance studio. It taught me how to communicate with others; managing my time with practice and performances became a must. Helping others rehearse the correct steps and moves enlightened me to a great feeling of accomplishment. I learned what it meant to be patient.

I fulfill my dream on a daily basis. My step daughters talk all the time, as in, liking the sound of their voices. Understanding how to communicate helps me to know their needs and wants. I teach them to use their words; that...