The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man. He was one of the few men of his time that believed that people of different racial backgrounds can come together. Dr. King believed in the concept of the Beloved Community, and non violence. In his speech Franklin S. Hill, talked about many things, a few he mentioned are, how King brought Christian beliefs to everyone, and what King did is for a worthy cause. I believe that having the march to support diversity was a great thing and shows how we at St. Joe, can handle anything that is thrown our way.

Dr. King was big on religion, togetherness, and non violence. Dr. King believed that brotherhood was a reality. In his vision he saw a completely integrated society where no one was looked up or down upon because of their skin color or race. He saw it as a community of justice and love.

In his vision he saw that once segregation had been abolished and desegregation accomplished, blacks and whites would have to learn to relate with each other with non-racial views that had separated them in the past. He didn't see his vision as just blacks and whites, but "Blacks and Whites together." Dr. King tried to make his the base of his campaigns as wide spread as possible, so he frequently called upon whites for help in his various campaigns. King didn't see race as sectional problems, but as American's problems. Simply, King's vision of justice included all the world's poor; blacks, whites, browns and reds: North and South Americans, Africans, Asians and Europeans. He saw the world as being together. Also he believed that it was God's intention that everyone should have the physical and spiritual necessities of life. At the end of his great life,