Legacy of the Trojan War

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Legacy of the Trojan War

The case of the disappearing treasure

Was there really a treasure?

Yes there was really treasure which consisted of gold and silver artefacts found in Troy. We know this now because of the significant finding of the PRiam's treasure by Schliemann in 1873. At the end of the 2nd world war, the treasure went missing for few years when the Russian's invasion at Berlin. In 1994 it reappeared at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

Trace the story of the treasure from its original discovery to its present 'home' in Russia.

31st May 1873 - Treasure discovered by Schliemann in his archaeological excavation at Troy.

1st - 6th June - The treasure was hidden at British Consul's house located south of Troy. On the 6th of June the treasure was collected by the Greek ship and headed towards Athens. (Karanlik Limani Beach, near Troy)

26th June 1873 - The ship carrying Priam's treasure arrived at Athens and it was hidden from the Greek police after Turks take legal actions to repossess the treasure.

17th January 1881 - The Priam's treasure was relocated to Berlin where it remained until May 1945. The treasure was taken by the Russian forces called Red Army at the end of 2nd World war when Russia took over Berlin.

17th July 1945 - The treasure was transported in a plane or helicopter to Moscow where it was secretly kept in the Pushkin Museum. The treasure was revealed when the treasure was displayed in Pushkin Museum in 1993. After Germany found out where the treasure was located they demanded the return of the treasure from Russsia but Russia refused.

Explain the role of Schliemann in the disappearance of the treasure.

Schliemann's role in the disappearance of the treasure is that he was...