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Amelia Ramos

March 16, 2014


There are many problems in america Often you hear opposition and debates, about whether or not the government should or should not legalize marijuana. Although is isnt the biggest problem I feel it is one of the many that could be easily fixed by legalizing Many wonder who what and how anyone would benefit. Although I have never tried marijuana, I still strongly believe that it should be legalized. By doing so it would be advantageous to the judicial system and local law enforcement all across the United States of America. If so they can focus on more serious crimes, like murders robberies and other violent crimes. Also the medical field would benefit by having an alternate treatment option. The government could maintain control and capitalize agriculturally. The bigger issue is, the greater harm in prohibiting consumption or allowing the use and minimizing its effect?

Experts believe that legalizing marijuana could help medical wise as to life little pleasures also.

Marijuana helps glaucoma, hepatitis c, migraines, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, nausea, Alzheimer's disease arthritis, asthma and other diseases. ( "The drug generally isn't more harmful than alcohol or tobacco if used in moderation" (www. This basically states any thing can be harmful if abused and used a lot. Marijuana cant cure but can relieve associated symptoms. Marijuana in 230 B.C. In the Chinese culture the marijuana plant was discovered to produce a mild euphoria and effect pain reliever up into World War Two. Marijuana was used as a pain reliever. According to 74 percent of Americans believe the drug was failing, and 73 percent of American voters support medical marijuana however only 31 percent support legalization. In 1996, the state of California passed the law Proposition 215 that allows patients...