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Marijuana! To say marijuana with the words smoked, eighth, or grown one would be shunned and classified as a substance abuser. Just because society is so quick to judge. But what instantiates marijuana as an illegal substance? Society is in constant conflict with this debate and still year after year more and more people turn to the legalizing of the drug. Yet society still argues that marijuana is a leading contributor to crime and health problems in the U.S. But if we as a whole were to legalize marijuana and put regulations on the use and distribution the conflict would begin to resolve. The process in doing so takes the answering of a few key questions.

One such question that is straightforward with the issue is, what would happen if marijuana was legalized? In finding the answer to this question and others identifying the two conflicting issues is crucial. The issues in the above question are confrontation vs.

addiction. The addiction side states that if made legal marijuana will become more abutted to get, resulting in a higher addiction rates. In defense to this the regulating of this drug in means of growing a strain of marijuana that had no THC, which in case is already being done for medical use, would cause lower addiction rates. On the other side we have confrontation. Legalizing would reduce the black market and violent crimes that were associated with the sale of marijuana would decrease. All in all legalizing marijuana has a few more positives.

A second question arise stating, marijuana should not be legalized because of the health risks that accompany its use? The issues are health vs. choice. The pore's for the health risks are as stated. It becomes tougher to purchase, which in case causes less use and addiction.