Legalizing Drug Use

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Legalizing drug use         Drug use is often frowned upon and seen as evil. It is an awful and financially troubling enterprise. Never can it be understood why people choose to take drugs, and let themselves become addicted, throwing their lives away. However, the use of drugs in America accounts for nearly 40 billion dollars put into economies around the world (The Marijuana News, online). Why cannot this money go into our economy to make our nation stronger? The ideal that by cutting off the flow of drugs will quell people's desires to consume them is ludicrous. It is unreasonable to think that by restricting something you can efficiently cut its use. Giving people the freedom to choose to avoid drugs for themselves is the only way to end the craziness surrounding the issue. There are simply far too many people that want these substances to think that they can ever be wiped out of our world.

If drugs are legalized the effect would be minimal. Drug prices will remain the same, with the addition of new government taxes, thus only appealing to the same market of people. Opening our borders to just another form of trade will make our nation stronger.

        Trying to cut off the supplies of drugs in our nation means attacking the main harbors of drug making. This entices us to go into the affairs of other countries. We must realize that we are not able to make policies in other countries. We have to try to become allies with all of our neighbors trading and associating with them freely. Our nation has lost many trade options due to our encompassing "War on Drugs"(Civil Liberties, online). This "war" simply means that we have to stay on alert all day, every day, with nations that we could otherwise...