Legalizing Marijuana, Who will benefit?

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One of the important recent issues for countries like The United States and Canada is whether or not to legalize the use of marijuana. What is marijuana? Marijuana is the female plant of the Cannabis Sativa genus (Photo 1). When a marijuana plant is in its flowering stage, some plants will have white lines and pollen. These are the female marijuana plants of the Cannabis Sativa genus from which the recreational drug is grown. The female plant is enriched with a psychoactive chemical called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that when inhaled, induces a euphoric and sedate effect. Commonly mistaken as a sedative it is actually a hallucinogenic, albeit a very mild one. Although it is mostly known as a recreational drug, it is also becoming recognized as having many viable medicinal uses (Growing Marijuana, 2002). Marijuana has many benefits, however since the drug is illegal then people usually forget what most of it uses are.

Legalizing marijuana is more of a benefit that a threat because it is a stress reliever for many people, it will decrease the crime rate if the herb is readily available, and most importantly, it will bring new medicinal values.

Is marijuana really that harmful? It is really the users business to decide this. Some say that marijuana acts as a stress reliever for many, and allows them to relax. Through research and surveys it has been found that marijuana is used to free people from their life problems. People smoke marijuana for many reasons however this is a very popular one, which has been noticed. Along with relieving stress marijuana helps with many realistic situations. Marijuana is known to help many people with sleeping disorders and sore muscles. Stress is all around us in our daily lives and these are two signs of stress which...