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Lester B. Pearson lived from 1897-1972. He was born on April 23 1897, in Newtonbrooke

Ontario (now part of Toronto). He died on December 27 1972. He was born the son of a

Methodist parson. As a child he worked very hard in school, and he became one of the minority of

high school graduates who went on to college.

In his studies he went to Victoria College and the Methodist College inside the University of

Toronto. In his free time he played hockey and baseball. He then became a medical doctor in the

Royal Flying Corps. He was Private Pearson in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. This took him

to numerous foreign countries from 1915-1917. When he returned he went to Oxford University

under the guidance of the poet Robert Graves. When he graduated he enrolled for the assignment of

the Royal Flying Corps. He then began taking flight training but as fate would have it he was hit by a

London Transport Bus.

He remained in the hospital until he revived in the spring of 1918.

In November 1918 he enrolled in the University of Toronto again. On June 5 1919 he graduated.

Like many other young veterans he was at a loss for something to do. Law was a respectable

profession at the time so he ground away at the ungrateful task of articling for law. After a week he

decided that business was more promising. He worked at a number of places but in the end he

decided to teach at the University of Toronto.

He taught history in the University of Toronto from 1924-1928. All his students said he was a very

unique teacher. In March 1924 one of his students, Maryon Moody decided to ensure getting her

degree by becoming engaged to her teacher.