Let's Do Something About Our Children's Future.

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Would you let your children play with toy guns? Let's just think about these facts; gun violence in America is ten times larger than the polio epidemic of the first half of this century, according to Kris Christoffel, author of "Children's Environments" approximately eighty-two people including ten children, are killed each day by firearms. Now I will ask you again would you let them play with toy guns. If I had to answer that question, I will say, yes I would. Why, because I believe that the way to curb gun violence in the United States is to teach our children at a young age the difference between good and bad. Our children will know to choose the right thing; I say that communication is a key word in a child development. I also believe that government should do something to help our communities, to help our children, and to help our neighborhood be more secure, the government should put more regulations in guns; make them more secure.

I understand that allowing kids to play with toy guns could be dangerous because of the consequence that could bring in the future, that's why we need to educate our kids about guns. We also could explain them the real effects that guns can do. Therefore, this kid will grow mentally healthy; as Elizabeth Crane commented in her article "Brain, Child" she said; "allowing gun play is not a license to kill, it is a teaching tool that, when handled sensitively and intelligently, can give your child the reasoning and the strength behind the ability to stay gun-safe and gun-smart"(253). Crane has the ideas that kids since a young age could learn a lot from their parents. The kids at that age are very curious about things, therefore, when they start asking...