Letter to Editor(for euthanasia)

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27, May 2002


The Australian

Dear Sir / Madam

I have read an editorial just today entitled "Dignity of life debased by euthanasia". It was about the suffering, depressed and frail woman named Nancy Crick. People who are fighting for their life and do not want to live, should have the right to let their life go. The government said that they could not stop people trying to die, but if that is the case why is the government trying to have a law banning euthanasia?

I believe that euthanasia is like a medicine that helps people overcome their pain and agony, and it is up to the patients to decide they should end their suffering or not. We would be more of a humane society if we had legislation to allow patients who have a terminal illness, and who are in constant pain and are able to give their consent, to have access to medically assisted suicide.

Yours Faithfully,