A Liberal Arts Education

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A Liberal Education One can look at a Liberal Arts Education in two ways. One view may state that the liberal art education isn't what we need in order to survive in the working world of today. One that is studying under a job specific education may feel that they have more knowledge then another studying under a liberal arts education. I look at these views and formed different opinions about them. When studying under a job specific education, knowledge is gained on that one area. A liberal Arts student may posses many of those same job specific qualities in a different form. The liberal arts student studied and learned a variety of skills that can all contribute to one specific skill.

One thing I noticed in a liberal arts education is that problem solving skills are touched upon. Either working in groups or independently, this skill can contribute to any specific job skill and come in handy.

Most jobs consist of critical thinking and a liberal arts education provides students with the knowledge to do this.

Another part of a liberal arts education includes the skill of effective communication. An excellent factor in order to suceed in the working world is the ability to write and speak clearly, be able to openly express idea and opinions, and to be able to persuade others. Effective communications skills in order make sense and present information clearly is what a liberal arts education provides.

Social skills are also presented in a liberal arts education. The ability to work well with others regardless of surroundings, gender, or ethnic background are all important factors in the working world.

These skills that are provided through a liberal life, is an excellent preparation for the working world. Rather than providing one with a single set knowledge,