Liberated from corsets: The sexual revolution between the world wars.

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Sexual revolutions for women in Europe gained them rights that were previously rejected to them by a dominant male aristocracy. The greatest sexual revolution occurred between the wars resulting in the largest societal changes to affect women. The outcome of the sexual revolutions on society that women enjoy today resulted from the initial stages of women's movements that unofficially took off between the world wars. Throughout the periods, the fight for women to acquire equality on several levels came in three major waves of women's movements: before the Great War, that arose from social discontent searching for freedom and equality to that of men; between the world wars, that was the beginning of numerous movements to allow her freedoms; and the 60's and 70's, that released all previous restrictions imposed on women's body, status and intellect. The wage for women's equality continues in present day defining new movements, and is not restricted to these three time eras, but rather is an organization of time for the purpose of examining the events of social change as it pertains to women.

Social changes occurred for women in her: personal style and attitude resulting in a more independent woman, it changed her conventional domestic life with the vote, work conscription and new technological devices for the home, and gave her the desire to fight for ultimate freedom from the drudgery of bearing large families, winning sexual freedom and gaining voluntary motherhood to ensure a happier and healthier life.

The independent woman that emerged in the 1920's reflected the clashing of two worlds with her trendy style and liberated attitude catapulting her into the masculine world. The fashion she sported rooted from the chic concept that was "more modern than fashionable, more radical than beautiful and more in than timeless ", this shapeless...