The Life and Times of Jupiter Hammon: Unsung American Hero.

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America is what it is today because of the great people who have built the foundation on which society is based and have made profound achievements which greatly affected its history. It is a hard decision to decide which among the thousands deserve recognition for their accomplishments. Not many bother to look for figures who are not in the main stream and some even argue the importance of remembering specific figures that were not political leaders, I say that by recognizing the smaller events it gives a better sense of being to the American and truly unifies the country by the telling of the courageous stories of those who have come before and have risen from their upbringing to significantly change the United States of America. One such person who deserves this recognition is Jupiter Hammon. Born in 1711 in Oyster Bay, New York he was one among many who were born into slavery and not given a choice in how their lives would be lead.

A slave in Jupiter's time did not have many rights but somehow he received a fine education from his masters the Lloyd Family of Long Island who saw in him talent and potential and who treated him more like the human being he deserved to be treated as. Although he was still technically a slave the Lloyd's gave let him lead a more privileged lifestyle because he was a Christian and preached to his fellow brethren. What sets Jupiter apart and earns him the prestigious right of being counted as one of the great historical figures is what he managed to teach and accomplish. For Jupiter was the first Black American writer to be published. In modern times such a feat is not given a second thought that is why it is...