Life And Times Of King Auther

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Life and Times of King Auther's Daughter, Lisa It was during the beginning of the High Middle Ages when King Auther and his wonderful lover Beth married and had a beautiful daughter named Lisa. Lisa was the most beautiful girl in the land and was also worshiped almost as if she was the queen.

Everyone respected Lisa and treated her with great royality as was suppose to be because she was part of the royal family.

But the times during the High Middle Ages was kind of different because the clothing which was wore was long and colourful. Women usually wore a long under garment with a long dress affair. The men just wore a long one piece of clothing usually.

The style of clothing usually depicted your statis in the society. The better of clothing wore meant the wealthy and more power you had. If your clothing was old and ragged and dirty, you were usually not very wealthy and didn't have very much power.

But this time was also tough for Lisa because her father was so over protective of her and was worried she would find the wrong man and this man would not be good enough for her.

Lisa would always have to be sneaking out of the castle at night to spend time with her lover, Louis. They'd sneak around during the night on their horses just enjoying the special time that they do have with each other. But on one of these nights as they were riding along the river, Louis stopped and got off his horse. He stepped over and helped his lover, Lisa off her horse and they sat underneath the full moon and enjoyed the silence of the night and the peacefulness of the river. After a little while Louis worked...