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Ben Hogan was born in Stevenville, Texas in 1912.

He had to live with the calamity of his father committing suicide when Ben was very young, only ten. When Hogan and his family (his older sister and brother) moved to Fortworth, Hogan learned to caddy and found his lifetime obsession ..... Golf! By the time he was a teenager, he clearly had enough ability to think of having a career in golf, but he was extremely private and didn't mix with other people very well so that kept him from the networking that helps start peoples careers.

Being small in stature, he developed an extended swing in order to create extreme power. He easily achieved the power but this was to the expense of his accuracy. His driving for the first eight years of his professional career featured a wild hook that kept him on the edge of the tournament circuit (he turned pro at eighteen).

But in the following years his drive retained power but gained incredible accuracy. His approach-shot game rose incredibly to become extremely precise which made up for his ordinary putting skills.

Ben Hogan's dedication to golf is widely known throughout the world.

I think that Ben Hogan had many unique qualities and characteristics but I think the main ones were:

Tenacity- I think Hogan's tenacity was one of the best in sport and definitely Golf history because he never gave up in anything he did.

Persistence- I think that Hogan was the most persistent person in the history of sport in all things like his fantastic long-game and his ordinary short-game.

Dedication- Hogan was so dedicated towards all things especially golf and writing his books- more dedicated than any other golfer ever.

Discipline- Hogan had huge amount of discipline towards himself which enabled him to...