Life In The Franco Regime

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Many would argue that Franco should never have been enabled to come to power.

After all, he was a born into a particular caste, as a soldier, not a politician; he was

doing the wrong job. That is a view, which many hold, however, history has taught us

that it does not take a politician to make decisions fairly and lead a country, what

should classify you as a politician anyway? This essay will look at the many facets of

Franco's leadership and their effects on the people. It must be understood that Franco

ruled in Spain for over thirty years and with this being such a large timescale, there

are a lot of things to consider. There will be limitations to this essay, the timescale, as

mentioned before is going to mean there may be quite a few generalisations.

However, the aim is to come to a conclusion, which will give the best possible

impression of life in Spain and what it was like for the different groupings within it.

It is probably best to have a systematic rundown of events or topics in Franco's

regime rather than going from one year to the next, as this will lack clarity and

purpose. Therefore this essay will look at social groups of importance in Spain one

by one with the general aim of deciding whether or not life was good under Franco's


The first social group to look at will be the working classes or the labourers, the

poorest social group in Spanish society. Naturally it would seem that most of the

labourers would be against a nationalist authoritarian government, especially when

there were socialist and liberal alternatives. However, their living standards actually

rose, and the level of wages and salaries, after remaining stable, was to rise and by...