The life of Jesus

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Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary, who one of the Lord's angels visited and told her:

"Listen! You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus." (Luke 1:31) Before Jesus was even born John the Baptist predicted his coming

"I baptise you with water to show that your hearts and lives have changed. But there is one coming after me who is far greater than I am, whose sandals I am not good enough to carry. He will baptise you with the holy sprit and fire." (John 1:26)

Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph were there as there was a registration (census), and since Joseph was of the family of David, this is where he had to go. Since there were so many people were in Bethlehem at the time, Mary and Joseph had to sleep in a barn and this is where Jesus were born.

"And she gave birth to her first son. Because there were no rooms left in the inn, she wrapped the baby with pieces of cloth and laid him in a box where animals are fed." (Luke 2:7)

Jesus grew up in Nazareth, in Galilee. Every year Jesus and his family would travel to the Passover feast. As he got older, he grew physically and mentally, and one of the bible verses showing this is

"Jesus became wiser and grew physically. People liked him, and he pleased God." (Luke 2:52)

Jesus started to minister when he was around thirty, and travelled around to many different places. Jesus was a perfect man, and we should all strive to be like him. He came to earth, not for the rich and important people, but for the sinners. This was shown in Matthew 9:12 when Jesus told...