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A short bliography on Mary, Mother of Jesus. Florence Nightingale, and Irena Sendler (Jewish Holocaust hero) and their displays of holiness. Alos includes a compare and contrast of the three women

Virgin MaryMary is an important figure in catholic faith, Mother of Jesus Christ in physical body, s ... iel appears to her and says she is to bear the son of God, she asks, "How can this be, since I am a virgin?" She is told that nothing is impossible with God. Mary's consent and willingness to endure s ... d every one overcame social injustice, discrimination and prejudice in the name of all things good. Virgin Mary knew she would be shunned, as her baby was conceived before marriage, back then adultery ...

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Patricide - Why Sons Murder Their Mothers

other figures are supposed to be considered to be warm, accepting, and nurturing; comparable to the Virgin Mary. Although Mother's are not saints, most do their absolute best to love and nurture their ...

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Comparing/contrasting 2 pieces of art from different periods

Period ComparisonThe two paintings I chose to compare are The Virgin and Child by Rogier van der Weyden (1406, Netherlandish; gallery room 207) and The Crucifixio ... hout sacrificing divinity.Weyden illustrates the beauty of humanity with a poignant portrait of The Virgin Mary breastfeeding Jesus as an infant. The sheer tenderness of this most simple and necessary ... ally for a church, the church of Dominican of San Pablo el Real in Seville. It dwarfs Weyden's tiny Virgin and Child. These seemingly opposite paintings oddly enough have so many similarities. They bo ...

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"The Prioress' Tale" is a miracle tale in which she discusses the beauty of God.

beauty of God through the eyes of a seven-year old boy who is martyred for singing a prayer to the Virgin Mary. In the Prioress' prologue, she talks about the power of God and calls on the Virgin Mar ... d away to the abbot who pours holy water over him and brings him back to life. The boy tells of the Virgin Mother speaking to him and placing a kernel in his mouth so he can sing to her. The Abbot rem ...

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This is a basic history of polish music, from the begining of the creation of the polish nation, to just after world war two. Refrences used are cited and some notes to clarify are put.

nity in Poland, coming trough Bohemia. The religious music was mostly centered on the praise of the Virgin Mary.The earliest noted polish music was the hymn "Bogurodzica"1. It means the mother of God ...

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rtistic interpretation of an almond shaped aura or halosurrounding holy figures such as Christ, the Virgin Mary and a few select Saints (Blackford).Literally, mandorla is the Italian word for almond ( ... to Christ (Jensen). This communionemphasized power with instead of power over.The almond symbolizes virginity because it is the first flower of the year, thus representingthe mother of Christ. Also be ...

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The life of Jesus

Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary, who one of the Lord's angels visited and told her:"Listen! You will become pregnant and ...

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Altarpiece with Scenes from the Life of the Virgin

shop of Gonzalo Perez, in the city of Puerto Mingalvo, "Altarpiece with Scenes from the Life of the Virgin," measures 156"x113 3/4." The artwork was created in 1420-30 and uses tempera and gold leaf o ... nown as a retablo, as it consists of multiple scenes relating to one theme, depicts the life of the Virgin Mary in a non-chronological order.Surrounding the wooden panel is a carved border with beauti ...

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Buddhism VS. Christianity

little after 0 B.C. the date when he was born. Christ was supposedly gods child and was born by the Virgin Mary and died on the cross because one of his disciples betrayed him and he died on the cross ...

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Feminist Ideals in Latin American literature and history

s marianismo, or "Mary-ism" referring to the idea that women must reflect the Catholic ideal of the Virgin Mary. This combined with machismo; an ideology that supposes men rigidly defines males' roles ... s reflects both the chauvinist idea that women cannot live alone and the Catholic comparison to the Virgin Mary. Mama Elena, the family's matriarch, is an embittered woman who has lost the man she onc ...

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Explaining and Comparing Ancient and Modern Religious Icons

the history of the Christian religion, icons have depicted holy people and sacred events. From the Virgin Mary and St. Peter the Apostle to the Last Supper and the Crucifixion, icons have served to g ...

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What does it mean to be a Christian: Gnostic vs. Pistic by Daniel Murray

What does it mean to be a Christian? Does it mean that you believe in Jesus, born from the Virgin Mary and accept him as the only begotten Son of God? Does it mean that you have been baptized ...

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Peasant Fires: The Drummer of Niklashausen, by Richard Wunderli

The story revolves around a German peasant who is a shepherd and a musician who had a vision of the Virgin Mary and began to preach for drastic social change. The sermons Hans preached about attracted ... l approach by telling us a story about a Han's Behem. Hans is a German peasant who until seeing the Virgin Mary leads a common peasant life. He works all day as a shepherd and in his spare time plays ...

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Christianity vs Islam

re all one in the same. Christians believe that God the Father sent his Son Jesus to be born by the virgin Mary, so as to save us from our sins and so that we may live as one with God in heaven.Islam ...

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atharism was a religion that persisted through out Montaillou. They had greatbeliefs about God, the Virgin Mary, and life in itself. They viewed Mary spiritually.Some Cathers viewed her differently fr ...

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The story of Jesus Christ and his actions before his crucifiction. The Sermon on the Mount is also included.

appeared to Joseph in a dream and explained to him that Mary was impregnated by God and was still a virgin so Joseph went through with the marriage. The angel also told Joseph to call the baby Jesus. ... unto this world.John the Baptist was the son of Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth, a relative of the Virgin Mary. Both Zechariah and Elizabeth belonged to the order Abijah. One day in church the angel ...

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The role and function of religion in society.

vely by men. God is seen in male terms; Jesus is a man; and although there is great respect for the Virgin Mary, she is hardly a useful role model for most women today. Islam has also been criticised ...

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Right Roles? "The Wife of Bath" Speaks Out: Analysis of the prologue of "The Wife of Bath" from "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer.

of these gender-based expectations stemmed from the church and biblical history, as modeled by the Virgin Mary; these ideas about marriage had been in place since the time of St. Jerome. The Wife of ... od has ever by His express word/ Marriage forbidden? Pray you, now, tell me;/ Or where commanded He virginity?" (Lines 55-62). For even Paul said it's no crime to marry, but that it's better to marry ...

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Virgin of Guadaloupe.

The Virgin Mary appeared to a man named Juan Diego and instructed him to go to the Bishop to tell him to ... survives today is Juan's mantle that was used to carry the flowers for prove to the Bishop that the Virgin Mary had appeared to him. This incredible event is celebrated today on December the 12th. It ... t a men to be converted into Christianity was a 57 years old man named Juan Diego. The story of the Virgin Mary appearance began on December 9, 1531, when Juan was walking early on a Saturday morning ...

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"Bless Me, Ultima" by Rudolfo Anaya

d passionate Catholic, believing in the importance of direct prayer to God and the adoration of the Virgin Mary. She sees and feels the holiness that surrounds Tony's being from his birth, and raises ...

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