life, physical, and mental characteristics about Tetanus

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The purpose for me doing this report is to solely teach everyone about the

good things and bad things ( Mostly bad things ) about the tetanus pathogen and

to benefit my own education. Anther reason I'm doing this report is that I think

it will be enjoying as I did it in my free time.

Tetanus is an interesting bacteria with many things about you would not

believe. One type of it is smaller than a fifth the diameter of a single strand of

hair yet it could kill any man only by producing 0.00025 grams of toxin. It

would take 20 times that of the deadliest cobra venom to do that and 150 times

that of strychnine in order to kill a man. There are also many other facts like

this and opinions inside the body of this report that you should find out. If you

wish to find them out, turn the page!! Although the Clostridium Tetani is one of the world's most dangerous

pathogens (Bacteria).

Clostridium Tetani are not parasites like AIDS or Polio,

in fact is a saprophyte. That means they are mainly decomposers and cannot

reproduce, grow or live to a degree that they could if they were in waste or

dead matter. These saprophytes are mainly found in places such as soil plus

human and animal feces, but their spores can be found everywhere such as on

steel, sewage, manure, on your hands, on your feet, on your nose, and every

other possible place you can think of.

C. Tetani has the most potent exotoxin of all the known micro-organisms

in the world. It's toxin, as will be mentioned below, is very deadly in small

doses and mainly focuses it's destructive capabilities on destroying nerves that

command motor skills, the heart, the lungs,