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Life of Pi essay Joeri robben

The life of pi is about an Indian boy that is raised in a zoo in India. Pis father is the owner of the zoo and he teaches Pi about all the animals in the zoo. The most dangerous animal in the zoo is the Bengal tiger. Pis father teaches Pi that he should stay away from this animal at all costs. Pi ignores and tries to feed the tiger. If it weren't for his brother telling on Pi, Pi would have lost his arm. Pi is then shown how dangerous the tiger actually is. Pis father puts a life goat in the tigers cage and makes Pi watch how the goat is ripped apart by the treacherous tiger. The fact that Pi grew up in a zoo was an advantage that he had which helped him survive with Richard Parker. He used many skills that his father had taught him in order to survive with a monstrous animal.

On the lifeboat Richard Parker (Bengal tiger) is what Pi beliefs to have saved his life. Pi says that he couldn't have survived without him. What did he mean by that? How is Pi able to train Richard Parker?

Not only is Richard Parker one of the reasons why Pi survives but also Pi is the only reason why Richard Parker survives. When the Tsimstum sinks he is thrown into the lifeboat he notices somebody in the water and pulls it in. It was Richard Parker, if Pi hadn't seen him and pulled him into the lifeboat Richard Parker would have drowned. When Pi was on the lifeboat at first he didn't even notice Richard Parker, but he had a hyena to look out for. The hyena was viscous and hungry. If...