Lightning Never Strikes Twice

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Lightning Never Strikes Twice A few miles off the cost of Cape Cod, sits the island of Nantucket. On this island, during the 1600's lived the Haley family. Tom Haley was the only tobacco farmer on the island and due to this fact they were extremely wealthy. Their estate was the largest on Nantucket and was located right over a beautiful cliff. Tom and his wife Janice ate breakfast every morning at 6:00am everyday with their son Garnet. Late Thursday night a storm was getting very close to their house until a bright fist from the heavens stroked down on their chimney and collapsing the house, killing the entire Haley family. As the legend of the family goes their souls were not able to escape the rubble and float into the sky. Therefore their soul will inhabit the house until their able to escape. Their souls will reside there until they find another soul to watch over the house.

Three months ago. Steve Windmere a wealthy young CEO of AT&T is driving around Nantucket looking for a new house to settle in. When he comes across the most beautiful house he has ever seen. He loved every bit of it from the aged gray shingles to the pealing paint off the white shutters. With a happy surprise he sees a Murrey's real estate sign. As fast as he can he looked at the address, "52 Cliff road" he says to himself. He rushes to his car and drives to Murrey's real estate office on Main Street. He signs up to buy the house right away. Of course everyone working there has a greedy look in his or her eyes while Steve signs the contract. Being so self-centered as he is he doesn't even notice. Steve could smell the sweat falling from the agents. They were so nervous most of them had to leave, they couldn't believe that they were actually going to sell the old Haley residents. When he was finished he stepped out on to Main Street and saw a mysterious man sitting up against the brick wall of the real estate office. The mysterious man got up and walked toward Steve and said, "looks like you just bought more than you bargained for." Laughing he walked away into a fog that seemed to appear out of nowhere, confused and baffled Steve just walked across the street to Something Natural to have lunch.

The next day he purchased new furniture for his new house, so he could stay there as soon as possible. He loved all the furniture he bought and thought it was the most commutable pieces of furniture he has ever witnessed. While he was moving in his furniture he noticed it was starting to rain. That didn't bother him he knew that it was going to rain all week. He then went in to his house and had a drink and lay down on his new green Italian leather couch. He thought to himself how soft and comfortable the couch is. The soft, smooth, comfortable, he fell asleep smelling the brand new leather.

Later that night an extreme crack of thunder woke him. He was walking to his room when he noticed a bright light and some noise coming from the kitchen. He decided to go check it out. Moving closer and closer to the kitchen the light getting brighter and brighter, the noise getting louder and louder. He walked in and saw a family sitting down eating breakfast. The y gave off an extreme green glow. Steve in his mind could not explain it the light was almost bright enough to blind someone. His watched beeped 6:oo am. The glowing family eating breakfast turned to him and said, "you know what time Breakfast is." Steve's heart did not race he didn't panic, he stayed surprisingly calm. Through Steve's eyes these glowing things appeared to be solid carbon based object that had no smell. He could no understand how he got there or when they might leave. He replied to the family, "who are you and what do you want?" The family says, " We're the Haley's and well we want to eat breakfast so go away." Steve Replies, "This is my house, you Get Out!" The next thing Steve remembers is waking up in a Dumpster outside his house. He wondered if it all was a dream. So he decided to stay awake till 6:oo am again.

The next morning around 5:00am Steve fell asleep against his will. Luckily at exactly 5:56am another crack of thunder woke him up. He scrambles to the kitchen and is happy to see the Haley's are there again. He sits down to talk with them. He starts off by saying, "What was that for!?" The Haley's say, "Well, we can either be happy ghosts or mad ghosts. You have witnessed mad ghosts." Steve Replies, "I still think you should make like my pants and split!" The Haley's say, "Smooth move ace, now as a family, we have decided to either kill you or just steal your soul." Steve replies, "Yea right! I'd like to see you try, Mr. Stupid ghost family." In a mocking tone he continues. "I'm a ghost blah, blah, blah, We'll kill you blah, blah, blah, get out of my house blah, blah, blah, we'll steal your soul blah, blah, blah! All right, ghosts this is your last chance, get out or else! I am a CEO of AT&T. I paid for this house legit. GET OUT!" The Haley's are truly shocked, the completely stopped eating and by this time are just about to break out in laughter. Then the family suddenly disappears. The phone rings in the middle of silence. It's his accountant. Steve hears that his whole financial career is lost all of his money everything. He looks over and the Haley's are back. They say, "Ha Ha that's the mad ghosts fool, now to take your soul and kill you." The Haley's pounce on top of Steve paralyzing him. Also at this exact moment a bolt of lightning came crashing down on the chimney, and the whole house collapses again. This time the ghosts of the Haley's were able to escape through cracks in the rubble, but Steve's soul still resides in the collapsed house watching and waiting for another soul to watch the house for him.

This brings us back to the present day. The house is rebuilt and once again on the market waiting to be sold. But beware of the extra accessories that come with this beautiful estate.