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Company Profile

*Company founded in 1895

*Business manufacturer of arc welding products; major producer of premium quality industrial electric motor, robotic welding systems, environmental systems, and plasma and oxy-fuel cutting equipment.

*Worldwide operations employ 6,300

*Headquarter in Cleveland, Ohio

*Annual sales were over $1 billion in 1995, record profits of $61.5 million, and record employee bonuses of $66 million.

*Employee ownership since 1925

*Over 90% of stock owned by employees and Lincoln family members.

SWOT Analysis


*Brand and Reputation

The Lincoln Electric Company is considered a leader and innovator in its industry due to its dedicated and talented workforce, superior technology, worldwide manufacturing capability, commitment to quality, strong distribution and customer service, and an incentive performance system. Lincoln's commitment to providing the most innovative, cost-effective, quality welding and cutting solutions is one that has guided Lincoln for more than 100 years. This. Coupled with its technological leadership and worldwide manufacturing and distribution resources, enables Lincoln to provide competent and reliable solutions for each of Lincoln's customers

*Technological expertise and manufacturing know-how

Many of the operations in the Lincoln plant were automated.

Much of the manufacturing equipment was proprietary, designed and built by Lincoln or the company had modified machines built by others to run two or three times as fast as when originally delivered. Close coordination between product design engineers and the Methods department from the time of product was originally conceptualized was seen as a key factor in reducing costs and rationalizing manufacturing.

*Product Line

Lincoln offers customers the highest quality, most innovative welding and cutting machines. Whatever customers' process - MIG, TIG, STICK, Flux-cored, Submerged Arc. Its Robotic Welding Systems will help customers automate their welding processes and Lincoln integrated software programs ensure absolutely precise welds. Whatever customers' application - mild steel, low alloy, aluminum or stainless...