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Good morning everyone, today I'm going to discuss three important topics which we have taken and they are:


Syllables and


The first topic we are going to talk about is transcription of words. Before we begin explaining how to transcribe a word first of all we need to know what is meant by transcription.

Transcription is a representation in writing using specific phonetic symbols of how a word is actually pronounced. The word pronounced is very important because there is a huge difference between writing words and pronouncing them and concerning transcription, how a word is pronounced is the most important.

Now we will begin with the rules of how to transcribe a word. There are specific symbols for both vowels and consonants that are used for transcribing a word. Each symbol depends on the sound not on the letters found in the word.

For example: here are some examples of transcription of words the first word we are going to have is







These are some examples on transcription and as we've seen we transcribed them based on how they were pronounced not how they were written.

Now, the second topic included in our explanation is the syllables.

Syllables are the basic unit of speech that a word is broken into and generally must contain at least one vowel sound.

There are many rules concerning how to break a word into syllables. The main rules are:

Divide between the two words for compound words eg: home/work

Divide between repeated consonants. Eg: pil/low

When a vowel is long divide after the vowel but when it is shot divide after the consonant near it eg for long vowel: bea/ver eg for short vowel: fab/ric

The (ea) represent one long vowel sound and that's why...