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hydroxyl groups are attached to, using commas to separate the different numbers. Then, you add the suffix -ol, which is the suffix of all alcohols. If there are more than one hydroxyl group present, ... there are more than one hydroxyl group present, then -di or -tri, and so on, is put just before the suffix -ol.Homologous seriesA homologous series is a group of compounds which have a certain pattern ...

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Study Guide and Terms

ion holds that humans developed language by repeating sounds made by animals.Derivation - the "-er" suffix in "rocker" is a suffix.Syntactic Rule - the structural elements of sentences can be explaine ...

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Motorola and Nokia Financial Analysis

the Motorola brand name for the company's new car radio. The name linked the word "motor" with the suffix "ola," meaning sound (Motorola, 2004). After its initial public offering in 1943, Galvin Manu ...

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Phonology:rules for stress in english

work.1. Accents are often on the first syllable. Examples: ba'/sic, pro'/gram.2. In words that have suffixes or prefixes, the accent is usually on the main root word. Examples: 'box/es, un/'tie.3. If ... ually accented. Examples: be/'gin/ner, 'let/ter.6. The accent is usually on the syllable before the suffixes -ion, ity, -ic, -ical, -ian, -ial, or -ious, and on the second syllable before the suffix - ...

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Language in Advertising

ze.In some advertisements, the advertising copywriter misspells some words on purpose, or adds some suffix or prefix to the common words. Although the new words still keep the original meanings, they ...

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I wrote this for an assignment on the History of the Laser

per "The LASER, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation".He intended "aser" to be a suffix, to be used with an appropriate prefix for the spectrum of light emitted by the device (e.g. ...

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hello, welcome to the group.

rizing verbs. For example, a child may say Billy hitted me, incorrectly adding the usual past tense suffix -ed to hit. Errors like these can't result from imitation, since adults generally use correct ...

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ent one long vowel sound and that's why we divided after themWhen a word is attached to a prefix or suffix divide the prefix or suffix and the root word aloneEg: un/trueWhen a words ends with ture, ti ... EY ,Words ending with er, or , ly have the stress on the 1st syllableEg: TEACHer ,Words ending with suffixes such as, able, ary, logy, and others have the stress on the syllable right before the suffi ...

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