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Good evening. My name is AP. I am a Partner at EY the G PS & A firm. Before you fall a sleep, I am not an accountant, I can't count and I am only going to speak for a few mins.

I feel priviledged to be standing here today having made such a small contribution to Yvonne's book. Even more so because I am a man!.

Yvonne's contribution to women in business and to diversity more generally has been remarkable. This book moves the dial yet again on an agenda we once dared to talk about.

As a Parter at EY, we recognise that in an increasingly global and seamless economy optimizing the use of talent is more important that ever.

As an Entrepreneur, I have recognized a simple truth, to be competitive and innovative in todays digital world a diverse workforce is not just morally right, it is a business imperitive, a source of difference and competitive advantage.

Over recent years there has been a seismic shift in the behaviours and attitudes of UK Plc toward women occupying more places in the Boardroom. This has been nothing short of remarkable. Yvonne's book brilliantly depicts to trajectory of 22 business women currently on UK Boards.

Through the lens of this book we get a birds eye view of their world. Not just the obstacles and the gender barriers they have had to negotiate but how they overcame them and the resulting success.

Every single women in this book is different in terms of their approach, their experiences and their challenges but we learn that they have three things in common they are highly effective, they are good at what they do and most importantly they make a difference.

Yvonne's book inspires me because it unequivocally proves that social change...