Liquid Ice Exeperiment

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Aim: To figure out which soda drink (dark or light colored) will melt the ice cubes faster?

Hypothesis: That darker colored soda drinks will melt an ice cube faster than lighter coloured soda drinks.

List of Equipment:

* Beakers

* Coke

* Sprite

* Red Creaming Soda

* Ginger Ale

* Stop Watch

* Ice Cube Tray

* Measuring Cylinder

* Thermometer


1. First you will need to measure 10 mL of water into each ice cube slot on each ice cube tray and put the tray in the freezer. This way each ice cube is the exact same size and consists of exactly 10 mL each. (As shown in picture A)

Picture A

2. Once the ice cubes have frozen poor 150 mL of Coke into a beaker.

3. Then get one ice cube from the freezer and immediately place it into the Coke. Get another person to start the stopwatch at the exact time the ice hits the Coke.

4. Then keep a close watch on the ice cube and stop the stop watch once the ice cube has completely melted.

5. Record the results and repeat 3 times.

6. Then do the exact experiment for Sprite, Ginger Ale, Red Creaming Sode and Water. Record all Results.

7. Make a table and analyse.

Data that need to be collected: The time taken for the ice cubes to melt in each drink.

Appropriate units to be used while collecting data: Seconds.

Technologey for collecting data: Stopwatch.

Independent variables that need to be controlled:

* Size of ice cube

* Amount of liquid in each ice cube

* Temperature of room (which was not able to be controlled due to no air conditioning)

* Temperature of liquid

* The amount of liquid in each beaker

* Amount of light getting into the beaker

* The same cups (Beakers)