"literature:genre study" discuss the stage of a hero's journey, according to joseph campbell's model kown as the road of trials.

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Initiation: the road of trials

After leaving the "departure" phase, the hero experiences what is known as 'initiation'. The first stage of initiation is the road of trials. According to Joseph Campbell's model, as the hero's journey continues, they depart from the comfort zones of their old lifestyle and step into a dream landscape of curiosity, ambiguity and challenge. 'He' must survive successive trials and ordeals which must be overcome, often with great difficulty, in order to continue with the journey. For many responders this phase "the road of trials" is a favourite part of myth adventure. Many examples of such "difficult tasks' are mentioned by Campbell- the most prominant example he uses is Psyche's quest for her lost lover Cupid. In order to complete her quest Psyche is exposed to numerous difficulties. Firstly, Psyche has to actually find Cupid (who has in fact been hidden away from her) 2- Venus, Cupid's mother, enforces violent brutality on the hero and smashes her to the ground and yet another..

3- Psyche is ordered to sort a great quantity of mixed grain before the fall of night. While subject to these miraculous tests and ordeals, which often appear to be insurmountable, the hero is helped by the advice, amulets and secret agents of the supernatural aid (whom they have usually met during the 'departure' phase of the quest. The hero learns for the first time that there is some benign power all around them supporting them in their superhuman passage. In the case of psyche, she is aided by an army of ants also by a green reed, who is much more aware of nature's tendencies than she is, she is also helped by an eagle. The eagle ceases a bottle of water from a freezing spring high on a towering...