Literature Review Of Young People And Drugs

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Youngsters today are reported to be progressively more aware of the aspect of drug abuse with 40% viewing it along with AIDS as increasingly problematic for their generation. One third of fourteen to sixteen years olds questioned in a (1991) Gallup Survey in the United Kingdom, knew where to obtain drugs in their local area (Cited in Drugs Link January/February 1992).

The Office for National Statistics (1998. Cited in Goddard and Higgins 1999) focussed on smoking, drinking, and various other illicit drugs in secondary schools. The pupils were aged between twelve and fifteen years old. Over 122 schools were approached of which 87% participated, 3538 pupils were interviewed. The findings were 41% had been offered drugs. Although, boys tended to be likelier than girls are to be offered. Cannabis tended to be the main drug offered (34%). Although, other drugs in the class A category totalled 17% of offers. These findings are detailed specific to drug, gender, and age, the study stated that out of the percentage of drugs offered only 18% had used drugs and 52% of these were cannabis.

A correlation between smoking and drinking was associated, as none of the children who neither consumed alcohol nor smoked had used drugs. However, children who had reported smoking and drinking at least once a week rose to 78% of reported drug users.

The methodology implemented in these schools were not reported in depth, however the levels of self report in a school setting could be argued to have been obscured. The threat of repercussions at school level as well as the links it has with parents. Adults questioning youths about their leisure time may also be viewed as ?out of touch and subsequently teenagers may also brag about drugs as they are increasingly being viewed as the norm? (World...