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December 16, 2013




The title of the poem is "The Little Girl's Land." The poets name is Emmeline Francis, she was about 10 or 11 when she wrote the poem. This little girl has her own little land that she loves and wouldn't give up for the world. All of a sudden her dream land was destroyed. Every dream she had and her private thoughts has vanished. She had a twin sister named Sofia, they were both bullied, but Sofia was bullied the worst. They were called names like fat and ugly. In result of that her sister stabbed herself and till this day the poet blames herself.




" She could never just be perfect and society was cruel"

She is not perfect and this is a mean society.

" Not a single one would volunteer And hung their heads in shame"

No one has the guts to take her place and they all felt sorry

" Hushed whispers silenced throughout the land Watched her smiling tear drops run"

It was silent all through her land as everyone watch her cry

"Mother watched the coffin Now the girl was quite stone dead"

The mother has seen her daughter dead in a coffin.


The third stanza - doesn't end in a punctuation therefore it doesn't tell what the little girl was feeling or her actions as she is in her land.

By this you don't understand how or what the little girl is like or anything she is doing at that moment.

In line 30 -"Suppressed by a nation's shouts," this is an example of a personification because a nation can't shout it's not a person

In line 44 - "She was not in a better place," They...