The location of Britains National Parks

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Will Britain?s nature reserves be in the wrong places to fulfil their intended purposes in 100 years time? Nature reserves were established world wide in the last century, they where created to protect certain habitats, species and wild life and keep there natural habitat stable. A nature reserve is a protected area where a natural habitat can establish itself; the land is not cultivated and built upon so that the area is at its natural state such as wetlands, mudflats or forests.

These reserves have huge sums of money invested into it by governments, public agencies and charitable bodies. Land is bought and the nature reserves are created, the money is used for the careful management of the habitat and it?s surrounding area. The purpose of nature reserves in Britain is so that species and habitats are protected and are not taken over by agriculture or urbanisation that are the dominating landscapes in Britain.

The existence of these nature reserves is now coming under threat. This is because of climate change that is caused by global warming. It is changing Britain?s temperature and therefore it?s surrounding landscape. Britain?s climate has always been in a state of constant change, in the past its was driven by natural events and processes but since the industrial revolution which took place in the 1850s the country?s carbon dioxide levels have increased dramatically. These events, brought on by the burning of fossil fuels, this has resulted in ?a climate change soon likely to exceed anything the planet has seen in the last million years? (report by German advisory council on global change).

In the United Kingdom the levels of carbon dioxide are expected to rise increasing Britain?s average temperature by 2 degrees Celsius by the year 2080. This will result in warmer wetter winters...