Logic and Critical Thinking

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Nature of Logic and Perception

Principles of logic are very important part of the process of critical thinking. The nature of logic is when you have a situation, belief, custom, that is examined and reviewed in detail to discover the reasoning behind certain deeds. In today's world, I face complicated issues and problems in both my professional and personal life, and it becomes necessary to react to problems and situations from more than emotional point of view. Perception is the way I see and understand my experiences. It also involves as how and what I think about my experiences. To me perception is a learned process. Since people make judgments based on their perception, a lot of misinterpretation and conflict is caused. So in order to keep things on the right track, all one has to do is listen and look well and definitely not jump to conclusions; for this patience is necessary.

Throughout my life, I have learned different things from others and through my own experiences.

For instance, before heading to work, I watched the news and the morning traffic update for possible accidents and road closures because I have an hour commute. On this particular morning I heard the traffic reporter mention that my daily route to work has been closed due to a huge multi-car accident. Logically, and using critical thinking I am able to come up with two alternate routes for getting to work on time. Using further logic and critical thinking, I watched the news for further traffic details to make a final decision on one of two alternate choices. I heard that one of my choices is severely backed up, so I decided to go with my other decision to arrive to work punctually...