This is a long extended essay on The Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1800's and its affect on the Political and Social growth of Canada during this time.

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The Canadian Pacific Railway as a Catalyst for Political and Social Development in Canada during the 1800's

The Canadian Pacific Railway was a crucial turning point in Canada's development because it was a Technological advancement, which forever changed Canada's position in the world. Although direct causes of the building and operation of the Canadian Pacific Railway would have been a stronger economy, both social and political benefits were generated, which continues to affect Canada until present times.

The Canadian Pacific Railway contributed greatly to Canada's development as it provided financial support, a higher employment rate and strengthened Canada's economy for the future. The CPR was the largest project to date and would cost so much that the government would need a donation from private companies and organizations such as the CPR syndicate. The CPR was estimated to cost $52,000,000¹ to create and millions more to maintain, however John A. McDonald realized that The Canadian Pacific Railway would contribute greatly to Canada as a long term financial investment.

In short number of years, the CPR was able to generate a profit of 20 million, and with these numbers, Canada was on its way to becoming an economic juggernaut. D ue to the size of the CPR, many job opportunities to build and maintain the railway were becoming available and abundant, most likely because no education for these jobs was needed. Since no training was needed, many families who were living in poverty now could make a great living as they were promised a place to work, eat and live. Many families and businesses in the prairies and farther west mainly relied on wheat production and other agriculture; this meant that in the winter they would be faced with extreme poverty and most of the time, many of them suffered from various...