Lord of the Flies by Sir William Gerald Golding

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Taylor Powell

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Mrs. Way

6 December 2009


At the beginning of the book, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, most of the characters are described in detail. I have chosen Samneric because they are always together; they do everything together and at the same time. Since they each have one another, they don't really have to listen to anyone. They are very loyal to each other and they never give up on one another. In the passage it says that they breathe together, grin together and they even look the same. In the passage that I read, Golding, seems to be foreshadowing what they will be like throughout the book. He describes them as very intense twins, so much that they can finish each other's sentences and know what each are thinking. When Golding says, "Even while he blew, Ralph noticed the last pair of bodies that reached the platform above a fluttering patch of black."

When I read this I realized that Golding had been foreshadowing by describing the patch of black as a fluttering patch. This miniscule detail shows that Samneric are already followers of the black. Meaning that they would do anything to stay together, they follow each other like shadows do. Golding was showing that even though they could follow Ralph, they started out in the black and they end up in the black at the end.