The Lord of the Flies by Sir William Gerald Golding

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Chapters 7-9 in Lord of the FliesThis week I read chapters seven through 9 in Lord of the Flies, as I was reading I was recalling some of the information that we were talking about in class this week. We started talking about how to look more closely at specific passages and try to interpret them the best we could. I tried to do that while I was reading in the book. It took longer to read, but I understood it a lot more.

During the seventh chapter, I started to read about how Ralph dreams about being clean and getting showers. Then he starts to stare off into the vast sea and starts to realize how slim the chances of being rescued are. As I was reading this I was wondering if he would ever get off the island. I certainly hope that all of them will get off and find their families.

When Simon came over and told Ralph what he thought about him getting to go home, I was thinking that maybe his prophecy will come true.

It seems that Ralph’s character undergoes really big emotional and psychological changes in his behavior. As I was reading about him spearing a boar in the snout, his first reactions, I thought, were funny because he seemed really surprised at himself as he exclaimed, “I hit him! The spear stuck in!” When I first read about Jack getting hurt I wasn’t surprised because he always tries to do too much at one time. Plus he always tries to impress everyone with his “skillful” hunting techniques, it seemed like it was something that would have happened eventually. During the mock hunt, all of the boys get way out of control and end up hurting the “pig” which was actually...