Lord Of The Flies by William Golding

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Pg 158

"Fancy thinking the beast was something.. Why things are what they are?" "Lord Of The Flies" is another name for the devil. In a well-written response, discuss some of the evil incidents that occur in this chapter

There are lots of evil incidents that occur in this chapter. Some are involved with Ralph others Jack and Simon. All the boys are now becoming more wild. They want to hunt, spill blood and make a ruckus of everything. In this chapter Jack is out to get Ralph. He's sick of Ralph being the chief and he wants some recognition. "Ralph said my hunters are no good" "I've got the conch. Ralph thinks you're cowards, running away from the boar and the beast. And that's not all" (pg 138) Jack is trying to stir up trouble between the tribe and their chief and acts in an evil matter to get them to hate Ralph so he can be leader and hunt all he wants and make his own rules.

Another evil incident is when all the hunters are killing the wild pig and piglets. " One piglet, with a demented shriek, rushed into the sea trailing Roger's spear behind it. The sow gave a gasping squeal and staggered up, with two spears sticking in her fat flank." (Pg 147) The boys are very violent when it comes to killing pigs and hunting for food. One boy abuses the pig by driving a spear in an unpleasant place. "Right up her ass!" (Pg 149) Then the boys make an odd move and put the sows head on a pole and stick it into the ground as if it symbolized something to them and gives meaning to the hunt.

Finally Simons occurrence also occurred to be evil in...