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  • Well done

    This is a great examination of the movie The Passion. It explains that Mel Gibson isn't antisemantic, it explores the mood of the movie, and even offers a comparison to the gospels themselves. The only thing I have to add is that Christ died for us, and the portrayal of that in the movie does not mean that the movie is antisemantic, it simply means that He died so that we may have eternal life.
    • 18/05/2004
    • 16:37:14
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  • Good point

    The paper proves it's point well but could provide more details. The comment that online dating is one-dimensional was insightful.
    • 18/05/2004
    • 15:15:47
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  • More depth but good

    I thought it was a good paper on online dating. It described both the positive and negative aspects to this approach to dating. It might have been better if both the positives and negatives were explained in more depth.
    • 18/05/2004
    • 15:11:15
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  • Background info

    Overall a good response to the question but I think the evil incidents would have been better if there was more background information included. It would allow the reader to understand the context of the situation better.
    • 18/05/2004
    • 14:31:45
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