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Nicole Goode

Professor M. Mize

English 304

15 March 2014

Love, Art, and Time in Shakespeare's Sonnets

Love, art, and time are three themes that are seen over and over again throughout Shakespeare's sonnets. In many of the sonnets one can find parallels as well as contrasts within the themes. This author will discuss how time was considered to be the enemy, while art would immortalize the beauty of his loves. Time will contrast against beauty and art because of its destructive nature in Shakespeare's eyes. This author will take a brief look at sonnets 18, 55 and 106 and discuss how one focus on the future and the other focuses on the past. By doing this Shakespeare "treats past and future not as objective realities but as modes of awareness, ways of looking backwards and forwards, which interact with the sense of the present" (Kaula 45). A look will also be taken at Samuel Daniel's sonnet number 50 and how it compares to Shakespeare's sonnet 106.

At the conclusion of this paper it will be determine whether or not Shakespeare's take on art is an effective outlook or if in fact it can be concluded that art does not immortalize the beauty of the object of his affection.

Throughout many of the sonnets the theme of time is constantly reoccurring. For Shakespeare it has a very important meaning. Time has no positive meaning. It is seen as a thief and as a destroyer (Kaula 45). Time is a destroyer in that as it moves forward beauty dissipates. The object of one's affection begins to age and eventually they will die. With all of these elements taken into account time is seen as the enemy because it takes away a loved one. The progression of time is seen...