Love in Plato's Symposium

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Love is an emotion that most people feel. Whether it is for a child, sibling, relative, it is felt in some way. But what makes love such a strong emotion? In "The Examined Life," Nozick describes four criteria that need to be matched for something to be better. Those four criteria are it has to have value, meaning, importance and weight. Comparing these four criteria with a situation or belief will help you better understand if something is love or not. It's also good to understand these so you can come up with something that you would actually believe and utter to someone else.

The first of the four criteria that you use to determine love would be value. Value is unity in diversity or opposites attract. You can tell if love has value when two completely different individuals come together and form a great relationship and live happily.

If two people with similar interests and backgrounds get together they wouldn't be able to connect as strongly as two totally different people. You could say that two opposites complete each other. You can also take into account diversity when trying to determine the value of love. The greater the diversity of the two people then you can say that they will have a more valuable relationship.

The second criterion that you take into account is meaning. Meaning is the connection that something has beyond its boundaries. With love this means that the two individuals connect not just fall in love but they also get a connection deep down inside and make the relationship worth while and not dull. Nozick says that "the meaning of life is to transcend the limits of one's life," so you could say that the meaning of love is to transcend the limits of...