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The play Macbeth done by the students at BHS I think was well preformed and put together. I think the sets design and the costumes played a major part .Yet the play was a difficult play for the high school level I think that it was a very good performance, everything from the set and costumes to the acting. The set was well designed yet is was the only set it played a major part in their success The large tree and the dark lighting in parts of the set were rather interesting it helped the appearance of the witches with their influence and presence through the play. Also I liked how their were no canned sounds and how the were all done behind the scenes. For example the horse galloping and the lightning storm made it more realistic and interesting. Another thing that was rather interesting was the fog machine and the caldron with the dry ice, which gave it that mysterious felling.

I really enjoyed the costumes of the characters and how they fit the characters role. I really liked how the witches how they were not your normal witches with the long ugly nose and the wrinkled faces. Instead they were very pretty dresses and each which symbolizing a power for example one of the witches controlled the earth the air and the water. Julia Poyers dress was very elegant and fancy but the vines give her the darkness. I liked the reality if Lady Macbeths dress very dressy and sophisticated making the play fit eh time period.

Yet the dialogue was hard to understand and the plot was not quite easily understood I think that Sean Bryant playing the role of Macbeth and Lauren Harrell who plays Lady Macbeth were good for their parts where other characters I thought overplayed their parts. In many parts of the play you were unable to hear the dialogue because of the actors volume. I also think that for some characters their understanding was not all their because some o f their dialogue was very hesitant maybe to the point that it hurt the play. Other than that I think the rest of the play was well put together and a wonderful performance.