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Macbeth - Essay

In the Shakespearean play, 'Macbeth,' the witches influence on how Macbeth

made his decisions played a crucial part in contributing to his eventual

destruction. The witches were trying to create chaos by prophesying to

Macbeth in order to get him to act. They planted the seed of evil in

Macbeth's head that grew to dominate his mind. But it was Macbeth who made

the choices that determined his fate. He was not forced to kill Duncan nor

any of his other victims. But after he murdered Duncan, Macbeth lost his

sanity. The witches were easily able to control his mind. They made him

believe that he was invincible, and then he willingly continued to fight

when he knew that it would mean his doom. Macbeth's downfall was planned by

the weird sisters, but it was Macbeth's own free will that lead him to it.

The three witches called the weird sisters are the root of the problem that

is the subject for this story.

The weird sisters are creators of chaos by

nature. They associate with evil spirits and obey them, and they are

followers of the evil goddess, Hecate. In the play the witches, with their

spells, plan the downfall of Macbeth. They cannot directly harm him

themselves, so they tell Macbeth predictions for his possible future, in

order to make him act on them. The witches tell Macbeth that he will become

the thane of Cawdor and then king of Scotland. They poison his mind with

these prophesies, making him greedy and bringing out the evil qualities in

his soul. When the first of the promises is proven authentic, Macbeth then

considers the idea of murdering Duncan for the first time. This is his first

step on the journey to his demise, as the witches...