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The story of Macbeth takes place in medieval times where in act 1, a king of Scotland, Duncan, is at war with the king of Norway. Duncan hears the Thane of Cawdor gets arrested, so he appoints Macbeth the position. Banquo, another Thane, informs Macbeth of this news. Macbeth then has visions of a floating bloody dagger leading him to Duncan's room. What he really wants is the position of king. Macbeth really doesn't even want to murder Duncan, but Lady Macbeth urges him. In act 3 Macbeth hires two murderers to kill Banquo and his son Fleance in an attempt to thwart the witches' prophecy that Banquo will be a father to two kings. Lady Macbeth does not know of his plans, and he will not tell her. The two are murdered and that night Banquo's ghost haunts Macbeth. In act 4 Malcolm, son of Duncan tests Macduff's loyalty by having him confess his sins.

Macduff is a Thane and a tyrant. He ends up proving loyal and they together plan the murder of Macbeth. Lady Macbeth sleepwalks and reveals her guilt to a doctor who's watching her. She spills everything about the murder of Duncan. When Macbeth's castle is attacked, Lady Macbeth dies. While the English army attacks Macbeth, his servant says he sees something impossible, a moving forest. That's the army that's going to attack him. Macbeth kills Young Siward, the English general's son. Macduff calls out Macbeth and they go into a duel. Macduff decapitates Macbeth's head and Macduff is claimed King of Scotland.