Macbeth Reader Response, Act One

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Macbeth Response

Act One

After reading Act one of Shakespeare's Macbeth, I can already understand why it is called one of his darkest plays. I feel that this first act is just a sample of the darkness that will arise in the next acts. Seeing as the theme of darkness is so prevalent in this act, I was not at all surprised that blood was mentioned numerous times as a symbol of Macbeth's guilt. I really like the way not being able to wash off the blood was used to show how he could not wash away his guilt. I predict that Macbeth's guilt will start to drive him crazy, similar to the insanity felt by the main character of Edgar Allen Poe's the tell tale heart. And in the end it will expose him as the murder he is. I find the themes of the two stories (darkness and murder) are very similar during the final scene of act one where Macbeth kills Duncan, except that Macbeth feels fear and anticipation instead of extreme hate.

But I think his guilty conscience will overcome his sanity in the end. Furthermore I predict that lady Macbeth will force her husband to commit more terrible crimes once his guilt is exposed but she will, get away with murder, as no one would expect an innocent looking lady to commit such terrible crimes.