"Mahatma Ghandi: Man of Many Mysteries" This essay telkls of Ghandi's trials and tribulations, as he attemted to liberate India from British rule.

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Mahatma Gandhi was a man of great power. He could "move mountains" with his

words. In his life he accomplished many things, one of them being the liberation of India.

He showed great self-composure in everything that he did, with his "motto" being: do not

retaliate, in the words of Jesus if they hit your left cheek, turn and offer them the right

cheek as well. He staged many peaceful protests that went smoothly, and a few that did

not go as smoothly.

Gandhi was a man who could say just one thing, and he could have many people

doing anything that he wished. He was a man of great ideas and of wisdom beyond any

normal person of his time. He saw around all of what the government wanted him and his

race to believe, and in doing so he enlightened many other people that fought for the

same cause as him.

If he did not agree with a law, or a rule then he would not abide by it.

He was put in jail a number of times for a number of different things. Mostly for things

about the government that he did not agree with, so he displayed open protests about it.

Gandhi was put in jail for many different things. The first time he was put in jail

was because he organized a protest to burn the papers that the Indians, and blacks were

required to carry on them during the Apartheid in South Africa. By doing this he showed

that he did not agree with the government and their ways, and that he was not going to sit

there and take what the government was unjustly telling them to do. He was arrested and

put in jail along with the few other protestors that were...