The maintance of the coastline between the southport seaway and fingal headland on the Queensland coastline.

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4.0 Evaluation

4.1 Removal of all coastal management structures and allow natural processes to occur.

The removal of all coastal management structures and the refurbishment of the coastal environment to the once famous unspoiled condition, would only meet criteria 1. The coastline would be able to return to its natural process, long shore drift, and result in maintaining the appropriate beach widths, which was examined in 3.1. Conversely, this strategy would result in further destruction of the existing natural foreshore zone and would not protect the infrastructure linked with these foreshore zones. Furthermore, locations such as Kirra Beach shown in 3.2 rely a great deal on the structures such as the groynes and rock walls to provide a beach sustainable. The removal of all coast management does not meet with criteria 3. As shown in 3.3 this strategy does not allow for the protection and conservation of infrastructures and thus does not stay within the government guidelines.

The entrance into the Tweed River would become very difficult if structures, such as the training walls, were to be removed. This would cause sand accretion in the mouth of the river making it hard for boats to pass over.

4.2 Removal of all coastal management structures with associated reconstruction and protection of all foreshore dune system so as to recreate their natural state.

The strategy would again maintain beach widths, as removal of all direct impediments would allow the natural process of long shore drift to occur and thus create advantageous beach widths as portrayed in 3.1. The removal of all structures would have a positive influence on the protection of the natural foreshore zones since the reconstruction would result in lower risks of erosion and human spoil. This would also result in better care for infrastructures present on the existing...