Malacandra's Society

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The inhabitants of Malacandra society cannot be considered as persons just as we are. There is no form of hierarchy that exists in Malacandra. The inhabitants of Malacandra do not have awareness like human beings. The form of reasoning that the inhabitants have does not compare to the level of reasoning that humans have developed throughout evolution. Ones imagination inclines through formal knowledge that the inhabitants of Malacandra cannot be consider civilized human beings. Formal knowledge is the recollection of experiences by the five senses of touch, see, hearing, smelling and tasting. One can assume with formal knowledge on the degree of dignity that one shall bestow on the inhabitants of Malacandra lesser than the degree of dignity that one accords to humans.

An organic objects survival and development is dependent on their ability to tone their sensory to the world around them. Animals and humans alike, depend on their senses for survival.

The inhabitants of Malacandra depend on their senses for survival like in the beginning of the book when the creatures try to make contact to Weston, Devine and Ransom because they are alien to the planet of Malacandra. The firing of the revolver was a sign of aggression towards the creatures so they had to defend themselves amongst the intruders. Ramsom manages to escape from his kidnappers and wonders off into the land of Malacandra. Ransom meets Hross, the seal like inhabitant of Malacandra. As Ransom spends time with Hross and his species, one can conclude through formal knowledge that the inhabitants of Malacandra could not be treated with the same dignity that one shall treat a human being.

The Malacandra society does not have a hierarchy in which the human beings in earth, Thulcandra, live by. The inhabitants of Malacandra are...