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To leak information without that persons consent is wrong and illegal. In the story, Absence of Malice, Michael Gallagher and others were done wrong. Due to the situations throughout the film, money and valuables, such as a life, was lost. Each issue needs addressing and thoroughly thought through.

The first issue that needs to be addressed is the situation between Michael Gallagher and Meg Carter, a reporter. This all began with a story that was written about Gallagher in the local newspaper. The column stated that he was being investigated and may be involved in the Joey Diaz case. Of course this wasn't to be true and cause major commotion not only with his social life but also his job. Not only was the story that was written false but it was done without Gallagher's consent. For this particular situation Gallagher and his attorney was suing Meg Carter for $2500.

I see fit that the amount that they should receive will be $1500.

The next issue on the agenda would be the situation dealing with Michael Gallagher's close friend, Teresa Peron. A couple of weeks ago there was a certain column written on Teresa Peron which unfortunately and sadly led to Teresa Peron's suicidal death. With the hope of getting to the bottom of this investigation, Meg Carter tried and succeeded in collecting information about Joey Diaz's and Michael Gallagher's relations from Teresa Peron. Ms. Peron confided in Meg Carter with her information, specifically about her abortion. She begged Carter over and over not to tell. Ms. Carter stuck to her word but another reporter from the Press decided to edit the story on Teresa Peron. Therefore Gallagher will receive $5000 for not only the story that was edited but also for the Press' contribution to the death...